Prayer(Iqama) /Other Activities Schedule

Updated Nov 01 2019

Regular Friday Prayer Timings:

1st Jumah Prayer at 12:00 PM

2nd Jumah Prayer at 01:00 PM

No Youth Jumah Prayers


Regular Friday Halaqa Topics:

1st Friday : By Asad Zaman on 40 Hadith

2nd Friday: By Riaz Yusuf on Seerah of the Prophet

3rd Friday: TBD

4th Friday: TBD

Time: Between Magrib and Isha.


Monthly Guest Speaker Series (Free Event):

When:  TBD

Speaker: TBD

Topic: TBD

Time: TBD


Jumah Speakers for the month of November:




Iqama Timings for the month of November: