Imam’s Desk

I’m Hesham Hassan, 38 years old
Married with Hafiz Hebatollah Mohammad, and has 3 kids ma sha allah ( Omar , Nour, Ahminah).

My hobbies are Quran learning, teaching CULTURAL Arabic, swimming, Internet research
* B.Sc of Electronics and communications Engineering, Menofia University, Egypt.
Diploma of Business administration, Cairo Egypt 2012
Diploma and ijaza of Quran Qiraat 2014 ( Ibn A’mer – A’sem – Qaloon) from
Islamic University of Minnesota and Mishkat University

Current Job
Imam of masjid Al kareem NWICC Minneapolis, MN

– lead DAILY prayers
– Give Jumaah/Friday prayers on weekly basis ( 2times at 12:00 pm, and 2 times 1:00 pm)
– Give Jumaah for youth on weekly basis ( depend on school district schedule)
– lead Taraweh prayers during, and arrange several activities (I’tekaf-last 10 das special program- Give khatira-weekdays women/kids Halaqa)
– Teach Quran/Arabic on daily basis – privately for more than 40 brothers/sisters/kids
– Quran dept head in Sunday school, and teach around 70 kids
– Arrange Nikah congregation
– Consultation at office hours
– Help and teach for janazah
– Coordinate with community members/Board for ALL benefits NWICC

Office Hours
Mon, Tue, Thu 7:00-8:00 pm

Quran Journey
– Finished memorization 2000 at El Menia Muslim Youth Org.
– Ijaza to teach Quran 2006
– Quran teacher 2006- Now
– Online Quran tutor 2008-Now
– Founder of First online professional students in Upper Egypt

Students ( +200 students)
– From Egypt 2006-2011
– Online .. Globally
– USA ( several masajid)

Places I served
– Al fath, Al mashtal, Salah El Deen Quran schools at Egypt
– Dar Al Farooq, Al Huda, NWICC USA

– Attend conferences in USA representing NWICC (NAIF, AMJA, Muslims day at the Capitol, MN Muslims leaders)
– Guest speaker on Demand to some Masajid
– Keynote speaker for some local forums (Creativity Center)
– Quran & Science competitions Judge (Creativity center, Al Tawasul, Al Amal)
– Initiating lots of ideas/committees/activities ( MN Muslims Youth club-Ramadan Committee- Activities Group)

For communications
(for Community Outreach and Interfaith Dialogue please email:
Cell Phone # : 952-381-5672