Peace be Upon You السلام عليكم
Welcome to the Northwest Islamic Community Center of Minnesota

The Northwest Islamic Community Center was established in 2009. We started this journey to provide Islamic education and services to the Northwest suburb of Minneapolis. Due to the rapid growth of the Muslim community, we feel that there is a greater need for a Masjid/Community Center in this area. Our goal is to provide Islamic education and services to our Muslim and Non-Muslim community. We will cater to the traditions of Islam by conducting social, cultural and educational activities.




To our neighbors & friends in the Jewish Community in Minnesota

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Muslim community of the Twin Cities, we extend our sincere sympathies over the cowardly acts of hate, criminal vandalism, and bomb threats that recently afflicted our Jewish friends and neighbors, in particular the Jewish Community Center of the Greater St. Paul Area in St. Paul and the Sabes Jewish Community Center in Saint Louis Park.

We are saddened by the alarming increase in incidents of antisemitism. These acts of hate are not only against the Jewish Community, but against all people and the values we hold as Americans.  We stand together with you in these difficult and challenging times. This type of religious and ethnic intolerance and harmful acts have no place in our American society.

We pray to God that He protects us from hatred, bigotry and injustices. We pray to God that He guides our country to better and more tolerant conditions.

We truly appreciate all of the support that we have received in the past from our Jewish friends and neighbors. Please know that our prayers are with you and you have the support of our community.


  • Al-Amal School
  • Brooklyn Park Islamic Center
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), MN
  • Islamic Center of Minnesota
  • Islamic Civic Society of America/Dar Al-Hijra Mosque
  • Islamic Cultural Community Center, Masjid AlTawba, Eden Prairie
  • Islamic Cultural Community Center, Masjid AlHuda, Minneapolis
  • Islamic Resource Group
  • Islamic Society of Woodbury/East Metro
  • Masjid Al-Ansar
  • Masjid An-Nur
  • Muslim American Society, Blaine Community Center, Blaine
  • Muslim American Society, Masjid AlTaqwa, St. Paul
  • Muslim American Society, South Metro Islamic Center, Rosemount
  • Muslim Community Center of Minnesota
  • Muslim Community Center (Masjid Ar Rahman)
  • Northwest Islamic Community Center, Plymouth
  • Rabata/Daybreak
  • RISE – Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood Empowerment

Islamic Culture Enrichment Program


 Feed The Needy in our Neighborhood

Following the commands of Allah (SWT) and the teachings of His last messenger, Muhammad (s),

NWICC - Masjid Al Kareem Community rose to the challenge to feed the needy in our neighborhoods.


MashaAllah, from the generosity of all of you we gave a check for $5000 for Interfaith Outreach Community Partners (IOCP).  IOCP ( is a wonderful local organization which helps the needy.  Last year they provided (paid for) & served an iftar for NWICC community.  They stocked their shelves with dates for Ramadan and offered toys for Eid, for their Muslim clients.

To our surprise, over 200 Muslims (from local area) benefited from these services.



Jazakumullahu khairan for your kindness & generosity.  May Allah bless you and your families further and grant you all the best of both lives and make our community an exemplary community to show the beauty of Islam and mercy of God through our actions. 

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Election Committee Announcement

Assalaam Alaikum Dear NWICC Members,


Insha Allah you are doing well.


Alhumdulillah, the voting has ended and the results have been counted.


It is with great honor that we announce Br. Adeel Ahmed, Sr. Sadia Tarannum and Br. Tamim Saidi as the 3 members elected to the Board of NorthWest Islamic Community Center.

Jazak-Allah to all community members who participated in the election process, especially to all the candidates who accepted their nominations to run for the Board. May Allah reward them for their time and effort for the sake of the community, may Allah put barakah in these results and help us benefit from the energy of the Board members.

NWICC Board will set-up a Meet & Greet with the new Board soon.

If you have any questions about the results, the Elections Committee will take questions until Thursday, January 12th Insha Allah.

After January 12th, please direct any questions that you may have to NWICC Board members Mateen Ali or Amir Moheet.

Fi'Amaan Allah

2016 NWICC Elections Committee.

Syria is Calling

Blood Drive at NWICC

Your blood drive on 11/25/2016 helped to save and sustain lives in our community. A total of 20 units were collected at the Northwest Islamic Community Center blood drive. Thesedonations are already helping patients in need.

Thank you for making a life-saving difference!

Your blood drive results:
Whole blood donors
Double red cell donors
Donors registered
Donors deferred
Total units collected
Drive goal
Percent of goal
Number of lives potentially saved*
Additional drive details:
First time donors with MBC
No shows

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Community for Humanity


By: Hebba Aburia


North West Islamic Community Center’s clothes drive for Syria sends ripples of unity through the Twin Cities.
A breeze of unity flooded the North West Islamic Community Center (NWICC)/Masjid Al Kareem dining hall as it cascaded down the Mount Everest of donations and swept through the abundance of volunteers all working towards one goal, aid for Syria.

Syria has been in turmoil since 2011 with thousands fleeing to seek refuge in other countries and thousands more becoming displaced in their own country. A once beautiful country is now no longer recognizable from the trauma it has suffered. The hundreds of thousands of refugees are all missing basic necessities of life that we all too often take for granted.

The NWICC, located in Plymouth MN, decided to step forward and take action to help the refugees in what way they could.

From October 2, 2016 to October 23, 2016, NWICC in collaboration with over 20 mosques and organizations across the Twin Cities and even one from Rochester MN, collected new and gently used winter items such as blankets, winter clothes, mittens, hats and coats. Along with these items, donations included baby formula, diapers and other essentials not readily available in Syria. Monetary donations were also collected.

Their efforts paid off greatly as the donations came in at an overwhelming rate. “If you give people a way to help, they will help,” said Mona Askalani, one of the fundraiser organizers in regards to the eagerness of volunteers and the massive donations. 
This could not have been more evident when walking into the NWICC dining hall where one side was teeming with large plastic bags filled to their maximum with donations and piled up in a mountainous heap reaching almost to the ceiling. Volunteers, who signed up in two hour shifts, were divided amongst the different stations. Almost each slot, which had 30 volunteers each, had been filled with people eager to help the cause.
The sorting and packing process ran like a well-oiled machine, with volunteers working hand in hand. The process consisted of one set of volunteers opening and sorting the bags. They sorted items onto different tables, each designated and labeled for specific items such as male, female, girls, boys, blankets, etc. Another set of volunteers stood on the other side of the tables and neatly folded and placed the items into sacks provided by the Rahma Relief Foundation. Each item was checked to ensure there were no defects and were not too worn out. “We want to make sure they feel valued and supported, not as if they are an afterthought,” said Alaa Houri, a fundraiser supporter.   
Lastly, a third set of volunteers moved the completed sacks to the opposite side of the room and stacked them neatly. During this process, there were several volunteers  floating throughout the hall providing support for the teams of volunteers by handing out bags, gloves, masks, water, etc.

It was truly a hive of high spirited volunteers all donating their time and efforts to make the cause successful. There were volunteers from age eight and up working each station. Younger children sat on the side and colored messages to put in the sacks for the refugees to receive. There were volunteers from every walk of life, every age group, cross cultures and of all religions. It was truly one community for one cause.
A volunteer noted that the clothing drive provided a different platform to donate through. They noted that some people donated money, some material items, some their time and some a sweet message to lift the spirits of hardship stricken refugees. Two volunteers even came from Michigan for two days to help stitch and close the bags.

In addition to the momentous amount of material donations NWICC, along with other organizations and mosques raised funds of over $10,000, part of which was used for the shipping costs. The costs will cover the shipping of the 40 foot container which will be shipped from the Twin Cities to Turkey and there it will be distributed to the refugees and those displaced. There will be another container arriving on November 19, 2016 for the remaining donations that did not fit in the first shipment.

The hope is to provide any and all support for Syria and in that process bring awareness to the community in a way that brings about sensitivity to the issue. Having the youth involved was also a major goal as the organizers hoped it would mobilize them for a greater purpose and allow them to understand an essential principal of Islam which is to help one another, especially those in need and those less fortunate.   

February 09, 2014

Assalam Alaikum,

Thank you for your generous contribution and support. May Allah reward you and your family for what you do for the sake of Allah (SWT). We are very grateful for Allah’s (SWT) blessings.

We want to provide you with an update about NWICC and also a financial update.


  • We held Ramadan Iftars and Taraweeh prayers at our Masjid. Taraweeh prayers were led by Hafiz Hesham Hassan.
  • Our annual fundraiserwas held on July 20th and Imam Siraj Wahhaj was our guest speaker.
  • Helped raise money for COTA (Omar). Directly collected over $8,000 for this cause. A number of our community members donated additional amounts to COTA.
  • Collected and distributed close to $14,000 in Zakat.
  • We offered Islamic alternatives for our community programs during Halloween and Christmas.
  • The Masjid is open for daily prayers and Jummah prayers (on average over 150+ people attend). Offered 2 Jummah prayers during Ramadan.
  • We offer Quran and Islamic Studies classes for our youth on Saturdays and Sundays. Over 50 students are currently enrolled in the Quran program and over 80 are enrolled in Sunday school.
  • We continue to offer family halaqas on Fridays.
  • We have added math tutoring classes and also conducted the 2nd annual Health Expo for our community.
  • Hire a full-time Imam by early April 2014, Inshallah.


Inshallah as we keep growing, we will offer other services that will help our members and surrounding community.


  • We had a very successful fundraiser. 86 people donated/pledged $160,000. Alhamdulillah most everyone that pledged has either already paid or is currently making payments. We collected $117,000 and $43,000 is remaining to be collected.
  • We used the money that we collected from the fundraiser to bring the original Ijara loan down from $383,000 at beginning of the year to $286,000. We are also using some of the pledges and donations for phase initial 2 renovations (dining area and classrooms).
  • Our current membership count is at 92 and we also have 10 people that are making extra payments towards paying the loan off.
  • Allhumdulillah we have $121,000 in the NWICC accounts as of the end of 2013. After projected expenses for initial phase 2, taxes, and Imam, we are expecting the balance to be $30,000.


If you have any questions regarding the financial update or regarding your donations receipt, please contact Brother Mateen at

Thank you for your support. May Allah reward you and your family, Inshallah. Ameen.